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Logo images index:

Well, here are the current images:

The first image is a just a head on view. Oooh aah.

The second image is a slightly isometric view to show the 3Dness. I put the camera as far as I wanted to the side because I was in a hurry.

This one is what I wanted and lets you get a good look at the models.

Got the new version of the logo, with the letters actually in the right order (heh) and a REAL EARTH GLOBE instead of that lame cloud/ocean imagemap. Check it out!


This just in -- a proof of concept logo animation! This took four hours to render. Looking at it there are a few things that could be changed but it gives an idea of what can be done. To see it, download the executable and run it from inside windows (not from a dos prompt). Make sure you have your speakers on! Download It!

Please refer all complains to my alternate email address.